Our Ambassadors have shown genuine leadership in sustainable floristry. This may be demonstrated through their design and business practices, their voice in the industry or media, or in their role as educators.

Pilar Zuniga

Operating Gorgeous and Green since 2008, Pilar is one of the true pioneers of eco-floristry in the US.


Pilar Zuniga
Gorgeous and Green, US

Jardine Hansen
Jardine Botanic, AU

Christophe Berreterot
Christophe Berreterot, UK

Sabine Darrall
Sabine Darrall, UK

Fiona Inglis and Natalya Ayers
Pyrus Botanicals, UK

Sophie Wolanski
Muck Floral, AU

Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson Flowers, US

Becca Caves
Florafolk, AU

Susan McLeary
Susan McLeary, US

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