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The SFN supports the philosophy of the Slow Flowers movement, which began in the United States.

The Slow Flowers website.

About the Slow Flowers Movement

This movement was founded in the United States in 2013 by author Debra Prinzing and aims to support the purchase of American-grown flowers in the US. Slow Flowers also promotes the purchase of Canadian-grown flowers in Canada.

The term ‘Slow Flowers’ evolved from Debra’s 2013 book of the same name. The concept of ‘Slow Flowers’, shares common values with the Slow Food movement which encourages conscious, ethical consumption; local, sustainable sourcing of food; and preservation of traditional cooking techniques.

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The Slow Flowers Manifesto:

“The Slow Flowers Movement is a response to the disconnect between humans and flowers in the modern era. It aspires to reclaim the act of flower growing, recognizing it as a relevant and respected branch of domestic agriculture. Slow Flowers connects consumers with the source of their flowers, putting a human face of the flower farmer and floral designer behind each bouquet or centrepiece. The value of local, seasonal and sustainably-grown flowers is heightened when there is transparent origin labelling of all botanicals sold to consumers and professional florists.”

Slow Flowers promotes the following practices:

  • To recognize and respect the seasons by celebrating and designing with flowers when they naturally bloom
  • To reduce the transportation footprint of the flowers and foliage consumed in the marketplace by sourcing as locally as possible
  • To support flower farmers small and large by crediting them when possible through proper labelling at the wholesale and consumer level
  • To encourage sustainable and organic farming practices that respect people and the environment
  • To proactively pursue equity, inclusion and representation in the floral marketplace, intentionally valuing Black floral professionals (farmers, floral designers and vendors) in our business practice with as much support as we give to environmental sustainability.
  • To eliminate waste and the use of chemical products in the floral industry.

The Slow Flowers Society

The Slow Flowers™ Society is an inclusive US-based community dedicated to preserving domestic flower farms and supporting a floral industry that relies on a safe, seasonal and local supply of sustainably-farmed flowers and foliage.

Members are engaged in all facets of the flower marketplace and can be found through the Slow Flowers Directory, which connects consumers with farmers, florists, designers and retailers in the United States and Canada.

Please see the Slow Flowers website to find out more or become a member.

Slow Flowers website