The issues

What is sustainable floristry?

Sustainable floristry is an entirely new system of thought. It is about committing to design and business practices that support a healthy future – for people, their businesses and the planet.

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The problems

It comes as a surprise to many that floristry isn’t the planet-friendly industry it appears to be.

The problems

The SFN Solution

There are many opportunities for positive change. We’re tackling the whole system – from education through to consumer awareness.

Reforming education

Floristry education all over the world is out of date with broader ideas about sustainability. We’re here to change that.

Industry program

The SFN principles

We’ve developed five key design and business principles to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the transition to a circular economy.

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The SFN Stamp

Florists who display the SFN member stamp are demonstrating their commitment to creating a new global standard for floral design.

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For 50 years, an environmentally harmful plastic foam has been the primary tool for floral design. The #nofloralfoam movement has seen florists from across the globe abandon its use.

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