What is sustainable floristry?

Sustainable floristry supports the environmental, social and economic requirements of present and future generations.

Nature is at the heart of sustainable floristry.

Sustainable floristry is better for the planet

It’s an entirely new system of thinking about flowers and approaching floral design.

As a practice, it is about committing to design and business practices that support a healthy future – for people, their businesses and the planet. 

Sustainable floristry is about cutting out unsustainable practices

It comes as a shock to many people when they discover the flower industry is not as planet-friendly as they imagine.

But from the moment a grower prepares a substrate for growth, to the minute you place your flowers in a vase at home, flowers go on quite a journey. When we consider the way flowers are farmed, transported and packaged, that journey can leave a significant environmental footprint behind.

And because of the way that international trade systems and modern supply chains have evolved, not all workers experience the same conditions and treatment.

Sustainable floristry is nature-based

Practicing sustainable floristry is about looking to nature for inspiration and solutions.  While celebrating nature is our trade, protecting nature is our duty.

SFN florists are working towards a nature-positive future industry.

They’ve committed to tackling climate change, pollution and inequality through education, making better choices and guiding their customers through this process,