This website is intended to be used as an educational guide for making more sustainable decisions regarding floral design.

The process of applying ideas about sustainability to floristry is a concept that works against many pre-existing business models and education systems that currently support florists. To implement change on a global scale requires the energy and commitment of many individuals who must work against a system that has until recently, prioritised profits over planet.

However, the flower industry is unique in that we are for the most part, attracted to it because of its connection with nature and beauty. In other words, we are already aligned with nature and therefore, working for its best interests aligns accordingly. As we develop greater insights into the impacts of our actions as we function inside an industry, we are provided with opportunities for change. Hopefully, this website and its contents will play a role in driving this change by providing a source of reliable information for which readers can make better decisions regarding floral design practices and cut flower businesses.

This text has been prepared in Australia but has been created with working florists from all over the world in mind. We understand that every country has unique cultural practices around floristry and these may not be addressed on this site. The ideas contained within this website have been formulated around generally accepted practices and standards and we aim to expand explore the ideas presented here over time.

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