Industry Leaders

The SFN acknowledges that many individuals have shown genuine leadership in the emerging field of 'sustainable floristry'. This has been demonstrated through their design and business practices, their voice in the industry or media, or in their role as educators. We thank the following florists for their leadership and support.

Pilar Zuniga

Operating Gorgeous and Green since 2008, Pilar is one of the true pioneers of eco-floristry in the US.


Lauren and Louisina

SFN Member Florist
Days of Dahlia, UK

Ellen Douglas

SFN Member Florist
Botany, AU

Melanie Stapleton

SFN Member Florist
Cecilia Fox, NZ

Sarah Diligent

SFN Member Florist
Floribunda Rose, UK

Christophe Berreterot

SFN Member Florist
Christophe Berreterot, UK

Jenny Bell Harman

SFN Member Florist
Studio Seapink, UK

Sabine Darrall

SFN Member Florist
Sabine Darrall, UK

Cel Robertson

Cel Robertson

SFN Member Florist
Forever Green Flower Co, UK

Ana Galena
Ana Galena, MX

Jessica Lister and Alexandra Nutting
Aesme Flowers, UK

Joost Bakker
By Joost, AU

Dhani D’Arcy
Florada, AU

Jardine Hansen
Jardine Botanic, AU

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