08 July 2022
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Giving flowers
a future

A force for nature

SFN is a new, independent education organisation for florists. We are creating a new standard for floristry, based around sustainability principles.

Modern floral design
is unsustainable

As florists, we love nature, but the widespread use of floral foam, excessive packaging and flying out-of-season blooms across the world are just some of the problems we must tackle.

The problems

The SFN solution is education

The SFN has developed a CPD education program to support a new generation of florists committed to sustainability.

Education program

Course one – online

The first course in our Flowers 2030 program has launched online.

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About the course

What actually is sustainable floristry?

It’s an entirely new system of thinking that supports a healthy future – for people, businesses and the planet.

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SFN florists are setting a new standard for floral design.

❝ — Rita Feldmann, Founder

News and noteworthy

Curious about industry news, thought pieces or florists who are helping the future of flowers? Here’s what inspires us.

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SFN florists are setting a new standard for sustainable floral design across the globe.  Check out our directory to find an SFN Member florist near you.


As florists, our job is to work with nature, not against it.  The SFN shows us how every florist can be an ambassador for nature.

❝ — Shane Connolly

Discover who is leading the industry to a new future for floral design.

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