What we do

A social enterprise for learning

The SFN is a new global education organisation for florists.

Our organisation evolved from the #nofloralfoam movement, which saw florists from all over the world abandon the use of this environmentally harmful, single-use plastic. At the same time, the majority of florists* have bypassed certified training courses — many of which position floral foam as a fundamental tool — and entered the industry through alternative pathways.

We realised floristry needed a new type of education.

Applying sustainability to floristry

The SFN brings together the knowledge of academics, industry leaders and champions for a better industry to create more sustainable models for design and doing business.

We provide florists and consumers with the latest information about sustainability, specifically as it relates to floristry. We refer to science to establish the facts and we consult our expert advisors for guidance in understanding and applying this information.

We support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and a transition to a circular economy. We’re a member of the One Planet network and the ​​Ellen Macarthur Foundation community.

To help reach these ambitious targets, we’ve created a continuing professional development and membership program that sets a new standard for floral design – based on sustainability principles.

The SFN is based in Melbourne, Australia and works in collaboration with the Sustainable Cut Flowers Project, UK.

A new global standard for floral design

The SFN is setting a new standard of floral design for a sustainable future, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide this process. 

We’ve developed a set of design and business principles that underpin a new approach to floral design. 


Industry education

To help put our SFN principles into practice, we offer an internationally recognised continuing professional development and membership program that teaches florists how to be more sustainable in business and design.

Florists who complete our program can become SFN members and join our directory, making it easier for consumers to find an SFN certified florist.

Consumer education

We support florists by educating consumers about what they can do to make more sustainable flower choices. 

Our stamp program and directory helps consumers find florists who are genuinely committed to supporting more sustainable business practices.

The SFN actively engages with the media to promote our message and activities. We want the word to get out!

* A 2019 SFN survey of over 1200 florists showed that within the global industry, 36% of florists had participated in an accredited training system while 14% trained in private non-accredited courses. Of the remainder, 20% of florists were self-taught, 24% learnt on the job and 6% had completed apprenticeships.