SFN Membership

Becoming an SFN member is free and open to florists who complete our Foundation in Sustainable Floristry online course and commit to the SFN Design and Business Principles.

Become a member

To become a member you must:

  1. complete the SFN Foundation in Sustainable Floristry course
  2. commit to the SFN Design and Business Principles
  3. promote sustainable floristry by posting the SFN stamp on your business page and linking to the SFN Design and Business Principles.

Annual membership can be maintained by completing a shorter series of education units each year. These units will expand on the previous year’s learnings and will keep florists up to date with the latest thinking in sustainability, with the objective of supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Benefits of membership

Setting a new standard

By becoming an SFN member, you will be actively working to transform the world of floral design for a better global future.

The SFN’s Design and Business Principles outline a clear path for florists to follow to improve their sustainability credentials. The more practitioners who adopt the principles, the further we can shift the general model of floristry to a better standard.


Tackling greenwashing

‘Greenwashing’ – the practice of selling something as environmentally-friendly when it is not – is a big problem across all industries, including floristry.

In this age of false marketing promises, third-party certification and standards are the best way to demonstrate to customers that you are working to an independent and verified standard. 


Supporting customers

Consumers who genuinely want to make a more sustainable purchase need a clear choice. By supporting customers to find an SFN member florist through our directory and by helping consumers to make better decisions, we are providing external authoritative support.

SFN florists are better florists – and part of our job is to make sure the public hears about what we offer.


Affordable, practical certification

We certify the individual practitioner, not the business. Accrediting businesses generally involves compliance programs that are expensive to run and manage. Given the income of the average florist and the many origins of floristry products, it makes more sense, and is much more affordable, if we use education as a standardising tool.

The SFN makes no claims about a business’s credentials, given that one business may have many employees. We can only confirm if practitioners employed by a business are part of our membership program. Consumers will be able to verify these credentials against the member’s listing in the SFN Directory.