The SFN stamp

Individual business claims of sustainability aren’t enough. Customers want independent, third-party verification to prove it. 

The SFN Stamp is floristry’s certification for sustainability.

A symbol for better floristry

Trying to certify a flower arrangement as ‘sustainable’ is almost impossible when we consider the mix of materials and combinations of behaviours involved in floral design.

But like many professional industries, we can certify the practitioner through education and we can outline a set of behaviours that practitioners must follow to create a new, more sustainable standard of design.

Already, many florist businesses identify as ‘sustainable’ – but really, what does this mean?

The SFN Stamp represents a new standard for floral design

The SFN Stamp represents a new generation of florists who have taken a commitment to rejecting traditional, unsustainable ideas about what floral design should be. SFN florists are working hard to transform the industry for a sustainable future.

They are achieving this through a formal education process and a commitment to more sustainable business and design practices. 

To hold a current SFN Membership, individual florists must be up-to-date with current SFN education requirements and they MUST commit to the SFN Design and Business Principles. 

We’re making it easier for customers to find an SFN member florist

Florists with an active SFN Membership can use the organisation’s digital stamp and be listed in our directory.

Our directory of SFN Member florists makes it easy for consumers to find a florist who is genuinely committed to sustainability principles. 

Not all florists offer the same services, and individual styles and prices vary significantly. But all SFN florists are united by the common goal of resetting floristry standards for a healthy global future. 

In the eyes of the planet, this makes them better florists.